Florence is a place of perceptions and beauty that is suspended in time.
Unique and inexpressible sensations, where the wonder of the sights fuses
with the intrinsic charm of the city. Mondial line of products has embraced this concept of beauty and refinement for over a century, finding the perfect inspiration in the culture and history of our native city. From the Italian Renaissance to the present day, Florence has always represented the
forefront and excellence of quality in every form. One need only breathe in
the charm of the Duomo of Santa Maria del Fiore, or the unique character of
the Ponte Vecchio to understand how the pursuit of perfection is the only
objective that Florentine artisans will strive for.  It is within this context that we
create our extraordinary collections of perfumes and fragrances with a unique
timeless feel, a perfect synthesis of harmony and sensations.

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