Cities of art, monasteries, hamlets, rural estates, forests, green hills, landscapes changing in color with the changing season: pictures you can see from the train window travelling across Tuscany. Nature, art and taste for good cooking are all tied together, a nature perceived as a friend to be respected, to please and to be shaped by enchanting its beauty; art inspired by nature which man has transformed into landscape.

The sensibility and wisdom of Nesti Dante Srl, firm of Florence, towards nature, art and life, express themselves as a tribute to their land with his evocative lines of natural soaps.

For over half a century, NESTI DANTE has created distinctive and handcrafted soaps inspired by the beautiful region of Florence, ITALY. Capturing the subtle fragrances of Florence, Mr. Nesti established a unique business, NESTI DANTE, where he developed a vast collection of lushly scented soaps through the long-held traditional method of saponification*. Working from his home, Mr. Nesti used small traditional cauldrons to breath life into his distinctive soaps. This rare and handcrafted method of soap-making continues at the NESTI DANTE factory in large cauldrons, which allow for the qualitative selection of each individual ingredient for a natural, richer and more skin-softening soap.

Categorizing Italy's earthly scents into four (4) exclusive collections, namely flowers, fruits, herbs and vegetables, NESTI DANTE developed each line with active ingredients from nature for gentle and effective cleansing. Infused with natural and restorative moisturizers and luxurious oils each soap, gel and lotion leaves skin clean and lightly scented. The delicate texture and gentle, soothing properties of these formulas are beneficial for all skin types.

* Saponification = is a chemical process in soap making that combine a fat source (either animal or vegetable) and an alkali (acid). Vegetable fat source is of higher quality value than animal fat source! Nesti Dante uses NO ANIMAL FAT.