“Sardinia | Sardegna: A Place like no other.” D.H. Lawrence.

Are you familiar with Sardinia (Sardegna)?

The scent of myrtle and helichrysum, the crystalline sea, the wind and the singing of seagulls.

HerbSardinia, the first organic cosmetic company in Sardinia, the famous island in the Mediterranean. It uses natural raw materials that respect the environment, and that are processed with advanced and certified techniques. The combination of the beneficial effect of the sea, the presence of strong winds, the absence of air and water pollution and the broader botanical diversity of the whole Mediterranean area (over 2300 species of which around 200 are endemic) have allowed HerbSardinia to create and produce its bio-ecological cosmetics.

In the interior of Sardinia, between Isili and Nurallao, is where the HerbSardinia extraction plant is located; it is where laurel, juniper, myrtle, helichrysum, and mastic are transformed into creams, soaps, deodorants and bubble baths, and packed with recycled cardboard.

Sardinia, health, and sun! “A Place like no other” as D.H. Lawrence once said.

The deodorant is their strongest product. After two years of experimentation, they have managed to create a biological deodorant that lasts.