Neutro Roberts

Neutro Roberts Eco-Deodorant Classico VAPO Spray 75 ml


Neutral Roberts Eco Deo Deodorant Spray No Gas 75 ml - Classic Fragrance. New Packaging

Neutral Roberts Eco-deodorant with 0% aluminum salts allowing the skin to breathe, ensuring natural perspiration and eliminates the possibility of leaving white traces on clothes.
The powder-free formula ensures that you leave no visible and permanent residue on your clothes.

Classic Fragrance (Profumo Classico) 48h

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Anna Marie Fulgenzi

Great customer service, quick reply, fast shipping. Love this company!

Alida D'Angelo
All day Freshhhhh!

I visited my family back home (Rome, Italy) in 2006 for a month. During my stay I was in need of underarm deodorant and my cousin offered me what they used in their home which happened to be Nuetro Roberts Fresco. I loved it! I used it daily the entire month I was in Italy. When I returned to the United States I got back to using my usual toiletries/deodorant and forgot all about the “good stuff” in Italy. So months go by and I began noticing an underarm odor that I never noticed before. Not sweet but more like musky, tired, old odor if you know what I mean, not good! So of course I started buying and trying different brands and fragrances of deodorants hoping I’d find “the one” I’d be happy with. Well I did not! Then I remembered how much I liked the one I had used while visiting in Italy, so I went online looking for it. It took me quite a while to remember the brand name I had used not to mention who would carry it in the U.S. Persistence paid off! I finally found a rep in Florida (Sergio) extremely nice paesano and so accommodating, whom I’ve been placing my orders through regularly, without any delays. Before finding Neutro Roberts Fresco, I’ve used so many different brands and fragrances in deodorants to last a lifetime, none of them compare to the performance and scent of Neutro Roberts Fresco…the name says it all!
Its fresh scent is light and lasts all day. It does not stain AND even on hot sticky days I never have underarm odor. It’s a little pricier than all the other store bought brands I used to buy but then again some things are worth the extra cost if they deliver quality results.
I love Neutro Roberts Fresco! ♥️
Mille Grazie ☺️

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