ITALIAN BATH & BODY : Vetiver & Rum Skin Care Line for MEN, Italy
Vetiver & Rum Line for Men by Helan:  All Helan products
are made in a completely natural production process using only
the finest natural substances, herbs and plant extracts as active
Vetiver & Rum is an Italian  men's skin care line with
a fragrance that leads to energy and the joy of living to gradually
give way to spicy hints and exotic tones that let the imagination
take flight. This fragrance brings out charm, eventually leaving a
smooth trail of warm, sensual scents. Smells of wood that recall
the richness of a life intensely lived, full of charm. Made in Italy.
HELAN Italian Natural Cosmetics
Vetiver & Rum Alcohol Free AFTER SHAVE BALM
100 ml - 3.38 oz.
This after shave balm is absolutely alcohol free, to help
ease the irritation caused by shaving. The softness of
this fresh, hydrating emulsion is particularly suitable for
delicate, sensitive skin. The special, light texture
transports the active ingredients in a flash, softening
and soothing the skin to take care of razor burn
immediately while leaving the perfumed scent of
Vetiver & Rum, that pleasantly lasts all day long.
Easily applied, this balm hydrates the skin and
immediately gets rid of any burning sensation.
Price $30.00
HELAN Italian Natural Cosmetics
Vetiver & Rum: Scented DEODORANT 100 ml
Natural Spray, No Gas
The Perfumed Deodorant by Helan uses vegetable
substances that prevent the onset of strong odours
without altering perspiration and respecting the
physiology of sweating. Enhanced with the
dermopurifying action of essential oils of Thyme,
Nutmeg, Geranium, Mimosa, Lavender and Petitgrain
whereas the entrancing fragrance of its bouquet brings
out warm, sensual tones that further enhance the
action of this scented deodorant.
Price $21.00
100 ml (3.38 oz)
A fragrance that should unredeservedly please,
must give off fresh heady notes characteristic of
Lemon, Bergamot, Cedar. Totally masculine.
Price $58.00 - Sold Out, Do Not Order
HELAN Italian Natural Cosmetics
Vetiver & Rum: NATURAL BAR SOAP / Boxed
100 gr. (3.52 oz.)
Raw materials and ancient soapmaking techniques are
alive once more in this natural soap which is perfect not
only for daily cleansing but also for soft, scented skin.
Price: $8.00
HELAN Italian Natural Cosmetics
100 ml (3.38 oz) - Spray
with St. John’s Wort  and Butcher’s broom
A classic after shave lotion, lightly alcoholic, that
finishes off your shave with toned skin. It develops the
aroma of "Vetiver & Rum" eau de toilette in a light scent
that lingers nonetheless.
Price $30.00
More about Helan Vetiver & Rum Fragrance......
This cologne brings out charm, eventually leaving a smooth trail of
warm, sensual scents. Smells of wood that recall the richness of a life
intensely lived, full of charm. Everything is still to be discovered in the
bouquet of “Vetiver&Rum” which gives strength and persistence to its
perfume and seductive masculinity to the man wearing it.
HELAN Italian Natural Cosmetics
(2 in 1) - 200 ml - 6.76 oz. -
This formula contains selected vegetable detergent
substances, enriched with sweet Almond proteins,
putting together shampoo and shower bath into one
product. Its use is a must for those people who,
besides being very active in sport, attribute special
importance to the hygiene of the body and the beauty of
the hair. A fragrant perfume, with a warm, sensual
aroma, encircles the whole person with a feeling of
well being that pleasantly lasts throughout the whole
day. All over 2-in-1 shampoo & shower gel.
Free of SLS and SLES, Preservative Free.
Price $22.00
HELAN Italian Natural Cosmetics
Vetiver & Rum: SHAVING FOAM 200 ml
The softening and nourishing properties of Jojoba and
sweet Almond oils make this Shaving Foam very rich
and creamy. It gives the skin moisture, softens facial
hair and helps the razor glide softly over the skin
without causing irritation; for a perfect shave. The St.
Jones wort and Butcher’s Broom extracts and Bisabolol
from Camomile reduce chapping and redness, offering
relief even to the most sensitive skins.
Price $19.95
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