SuperCrema® Skincare
Precious Creamy Oil for
Face & Body
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50 ml - 1.69 oz
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SuperCrema® Skincare
Precious Creamy Oil for
Face & Body
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SuperCrema is an innovative
bio-natural product
as a
result of the balanced
relationship between its
unique mixtures of biological
and all natural ingredients; it
blends the benefits of a
cosmetic cream with that of a
super-moisturizing and
softening oil; thus a creamy
oil is obtained.
SuperCrema's potent
skincare formula
high concentrations of
vitamins, essential fatty acids
and natural antioxidants, by
preserving and concentrating
the precious elements in its
active ingredients -
Extra Virgin Olive Oil,
Beeswax, Avocado Oil,
Honey, Green Tea & Vit. E.
SuperCrema is for the entire
It is indicated for all
skin types, and especially
suitable for very dry and
sensitive skins; and gentle for
baby skin too! SuperCrema is
safe to use on the entire body
thanks to its 100% all natural
ingredients and extraordinary
effectiveness in skin
SuperCrema Skincare is formulated with the highest grade and
purest Italian Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil that is up to 85% of the
entire formula,
which results in a super creamy oil rich in antioxidants,
Vitamin A and E that deeply moisturizes, nurtures and intensively
hydrates the skin. SuperCrema is suitable for all skin types.
SuperCrema® Key Benefits:
  • Prevents skin aging, helps fight wrinkles and
    improves skin’s smoothness thanks to its
    natural anti-aging properties and powerful

  • Repairs superficial lesions of the skin thanks to
    its potent antibacterial and anti-inflammatory

  • Hydrates and repairs dry skin, hands, cuticles,
    feet, forearms, chapped lips.

  • Can be used as a face and eye make-up

  • Exfoliates dry and scaly skin, just mix it with sea
    salt and massage affected area.

  • Prevents irritation and redness of the skin
    caused by waxing and shaving.

  • Deeply nourishes, soothes and protects hands
    and forearms, it is considered a super
    nourishment anti-aging hand cream.

  • Aids in softening calluses and hard skin on feet
    with excellent results.

  • Highly efficient against itching cause by insect

  • Helps relief sunburned skin or skin
    overexposed to sun rays.

  • SuperCrema, when applied to dry hair, it
    revitalizes and nourishes unhealthy hair; and
    also helps eliminate dandruff.

  • SuperCrema, thanks to its all natural formula
    enriched with essential oils gives a pleasant
    feeling of wellbeing during a massage.

  • SuperCrema can also be used as a pre-shave
    and after-shave creamy oil.

  • SuperCrema prevents stretch marks and
    reduces them with constant use.

  • SuperCrema is also useful when having a tattoo
    done. When applied on the skin, it avoids the
    formation of scabs and therefore, avoids having
    the tattoo done again.
SuperCrema is produced with a unique
quality of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
(DOP) from Alta Sabina region, in Lazio,
There the olive trees grow at an
altitude of 700 meters above sea level, the
climate is perfect all year long and the soil is
particularly fertile in absence of olive fruit fly
and other pests. This combination makes
this small little area blessed and exclusive,
which is the perfect environment for the
creation of SuperCrema Skincare
Bio-Natural Creamy-Oil
Instructions for Use:

SuperCrema may be used
more than once a day
massaging it until it is
completely absorbed, apply
it after having washed your
skin with soap.
SuperCrema is suitable for
dry and mature skin, It can
be applied to any part of
the face and body as
preferred, day, night or
before bedtime.
SuperCrema does NOT
contain any skin-sensitivity
substances. SuperCrema
does not cause irritations, it
is hypoallergenic.


SuperCrema®  is an all
natural skin regenerator
SuperCrema®  is a potent
skin moisturizer
SuperCrema®  Skincare is a
beauty secret from Italy
SuperCrema®  Skincare is
the most potent and
precious creamy oil you will
find on the market
it can be
used for the entire body and
face. SuperCrema acts as a
super nourishment, anti-aging,
soothing and protective creamy
oil – it benefits face, hands,
forearms, lips, cuticles, feet,
elbows, burns, stretch marks,
scars, insect bites, rashes,
eczema, psoriasis and more.
It really is a SuperCrema !!

SuperCrema Beauty Tips
Italy's Beauty Secret
SuperCrema® Precious Creamy Oil

SuperCrema Skincare is 100% All Natural Beauty
from Italy - Skin, Body & Hair Care.

SuperCrema is Italy's Precious Bio Natural Creamy
Oil for Face & Body made from a unique quality of
Italian Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

SuperCrema Skincare is excellent for the entire
body: hair, face, skin, nails, feet, eyes, lips, feet arms,
hands - and can perfectly be used to shave,
scrub, exfoliate, and as a makeup remover too..!

SuperCrema is synonymous of natural beauty  - an
elixir for optimum health and beauty. SuperCrema's
main ingredient (Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil) is
grown, harvested and pressed in Italy, and comes
from century-old olive trees.

SuperCrema is available in 2 sizes, it comes in a
practical and hygienic Airless Bottle 50 ml - 1.69 oz,
and also in a Travel Size tube 20 ml - packaged in a
beautiful golden colored box to enhance its high

SuperCrema’s unique bio-natural formulation is
paraben free, SLES and SLS free, contains no animal
fats, no harsh man-made chemicals, no perfumes, no
dyes, or color additives.

SuperCrema is cruelty free - no animal testing.

SuperCrema is 100% Bio-Natural with a clean fresh
scent characteristic of its natural ingredients.
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Research suggests that olive oil's
antioxidants and vitamins help
ward off free radical damage and
lessen the appearance of aging.
Olive oil contains polyphenols,
natural occurring plant molecules
which are potent antioxidants
with strong anti-inflammatory
properties. Polyphenols have
been shown in some studies to
be effective in improving
skin's health, making it smoother
and younger looking.

SuperCrema Beauty Tips
SuperCrema®  is a potent
moisturizing cream !
SuperCrema®  is a potent
anti-wrinkles cream !
SuperCrema®  is a potent
anti-aging cream !
SuperCrema® Skin Care - For Face & Body
SuperCrema (Italian for SuperCream) is Italy's multi-purpose Creamy-Oil with a high
content of
Italian Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Its formula is enriched with Organic
Honey, Beeswax, Avocado Oil, Green Tea and Vitamin E.
SuperCrema moisturizes, nouriches, soothes, it is rich in vitamins A and E.
Without added parabens, silicones, petrolatum, mineral oils, perfume,
colorants, SLS, SLES, PEG and alcohol.     
Dermatologically Tested.
ITALIAN SKIN CARE : SuperCrema Skin Care Creamy-Oil, Made in Italy
Skin Care
with Italian
Organic Extra
Virgin Olive Oil
& Honey
SuperCrema® Skincare
Precious Creamy Oil for
Face & Body
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