SPEZIALI FIORENTINI by DERBE - Italy's Luxury Bath, Body & Fragrances.
Imported from Florence, Italy for you!!

Emporio Italiano brings you GLI SPEZIALI FIORENTINI - one of Italy's most
delightful aromatherapy collection dating back to the Renaissance period during
the Medici family domination, probably one of the richest families in Italy during the
Renaissance period.

With the
Speziali Fiorentini comes a new natural range of beauty and essential
care products for the body: directly from Florence, Italy. The perfumes, essences,
bath treatments, and creams of
Gli Speziali Fiorentini faithfully reflect in their
modern and safe formulation, the philosophy of the ancient foundation. The Derbe
Laboratory has added the guarantee of high quality ensured by rigorous,
microbiological testing to the secrets of officinal tradition, the virtue of simplicity, the
quality of the essences and the active ingredients of carefully selected plants to
Gli Speziali Fiorentini range, particularly suitable for sensitive, delicate

Speziali Fiorentini distinctive collection is for the gentle care and personal
hygiene of the body and for beautifying the spirit - it comes in its 12 different and
delicate perfumes made of botanical extracts and rare flowers......come and
experience the true Essence of Florence!!

Speziali Fiorentini: From Florence, the city of great art comes Speziali Fiorentini,
a a collection of exclusive and luxurious beauty products. Prodotti Speziali

The perfumes, essences, bath products and cremes of the
Speziali Fiorentini
faithfully reflect the philosophy of the ancient guild in their modern and safe
formulas. Their laboratory has added the security of strict microbiological control
procedures to the herbal tradition, to the virtues of herb preparations, to the quality
of the plants and the carefully selected active ingredients to make
Fiorentini products particularly suitable for the most sensitive and delicate skins.
ITALIAN BATH & BODY : Speziali Fiorentini by DERBE - Deluxe Bath and Body
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