SAPORI Amaretti are a distinctive small cookies (in Italian amaretti means "a tiny bit bitter"), when the
delicious almond liqueur
Amaretto was invented, amaretti incorporated this taste. Amaretti today lend
special enjoyment after meals to tables all around the world, and are especially delicious when
dipped in red wine.

Our delicious
SAPORI Cantuccini Biscuit (in Italian biscotto, bis cotto, twice cooked) are an ancient
Tuscan specialty made from genuine ingredients, and are the perfect partner for those special
moments of the day and when enjoying the company of friends or family. They are first cooked in the
shape of French bread, then they are cut into thin slices and put into the oven again to brown till they
become dry and hard. Cantuccini are enjoyed at the end of a meal, they can be dipped in sweet wine
(Vin Santo), coffee, milk or eaten on their own as a delicacy!!!
ITALIAN GOURMET FOODS: Sapori Cantuccini Biscotti, Sapori Cantuccini Chocolate
Chip, Sapori Amaretti Cookies, Sapori Ricciarelli, Sapori Panettone, Sapori Pandoro,
Sapori Brutti Ma Buoni Cookies -
Made in Italy
Fine pastry makers in Siena since 1832
Sapori di Siena Almond Cantuccini
Sapori di Siena Chocolate Chip Cantuccini
Sapori di Siena Amaretti Morbidi (Soft)
Sapori di Siena Brutti Ma Buoni w/hazelnut
Sapori di Siena Panforte Margherita Morbido (Soft)
Sapori di Siena Almond Ricciarelli
Sapori di Siena Almond Ricciarelli with Dark Chocolate Base
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