Cream & Pearls Bar Soap
The intense accords of rosewood are interwoven with black iris
for seductive notes enriched with moisturizing cream and pearl
extract for a velvety smooth and sensual skin. Body care
becomes a daily ritual that infuses pleasure, whilst the skin
benefits from the moisturizing properties of the cream and the
soothing action of the milk.

Illuminating Scrub Bar Soap
The soft perfume of a medlar in the sun and the sweetness of
pink persimmons are the suffused background to the gentle
exfoliating action of bran and walnut granules; its pulverized shell
delicately eliminating dead cells and restoring natural luminosity.
This process increases the vitality of the cells and their renewal,
giving a youthful, healthy and compact appearance for happiness
on the skin’s surface.

Revitalizing Breeze Bar Soap
A fragrance of citrus peels, red basil and lime envelops the
precious active ingredients of chlorophyll and bamboo
lymph with stimulating and relaxing virtues to offer the skin a
paradise of fresh emotions. An invigorating cocktail that
combines efficacy with the gratification of the senses, leaving the
skin toned.

Lift Bar Soap
The enchanting profusion of cherry blossom and the
rejuvenating action of A + E vitamins help to get a firm and
smooth skin. The sweetness of pink geranium, together
with the purifying flow of Bach Flowers, fill the mind with
joyful memories and intense motions.

Detox Bar Soap
The magnificent note of winter daphne together with white lotus
and echinecea reveals the detoxing benefits of azulene and
magnesium that leave your skin deeply regenerated.

Collagen Bar Soap
The hypnotic, dreamy fragrance of blue azalea, together with the
sparkling freshness of starfruit brings out the active ingredient of
vegetable collagen leaving your skin feeling smooth and deeply
Philosophia Natural Soaps by Nesti Dante
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