ITALIAN BATH & BODY : Monotheme - Fragrances of the Mediterranean !
Libro degli Agrumi (Book of Citruses) is the new fragrance collection
inspired by the citruses in the Mediterranean region. Discover here the world of
citrus essences !
Embrace the sunny fragrances of the Mediterranean,
maybe on your next getaway or cruise trip with your love ones. Made in Venice
by Mavive Spa, one of the most acclaimed perfume houses in Italy.


Boccioli di Limone


Verde d'Arancia

Italian Body Fragrances
Monotheme - Bergamotto Eau de Toilette
- Bergamot! Spray 100 ml - 3.4 oz.
Bergamot grows in the briny breezes along the
Mediterranean coast of Calabria, Italy. Thus
imbued, Bergamotto offers its new bouquet as a
distillate of sun and marine freshness, with its
essential oil embodying the essence of luxury,
sensuality, and feminine/masculine elegance.
Eau de Toilette Unisex. Spray 100 ml - 3.4 oz..
Made in Italy
Price $48
Monotheme - Boccioli di Limone Eau de
Toilette - Lemon Blossom! Spray 100 ml
A sunny fragrance !! The yellow colour of this fruit
calls-to-mind a sunny and vivacious image.
Boccioli di Limone is a fresh and resplendent
fragrance characterised by a round and
delicate scent of fresh blossoms.
Eau de Toilette, Unisex.
Spray Bottle 100 ml - 3.4 oz..
Monotheme - Zagara Eau de Toilette -
Zahar Citrus Blossom! Spray 100 ml
Zagara fragrance, initially appearing hesitant,
stealthily imposes itself to the point where it is
perceivable at a distance. This incredibly
fascinating, sweet, and intense note is ideally
suited for the evening. Eau de Toilette Unisex,
Spray Bottle 100 ml - 3.4 oz. Italy.
Price $48
Monotheme - Verde d'Arancia Eau de
Toilette -Orange Green Peel Spray 100ml
The singularity of the essence of Verde
D'Arancia is expressed by the freshness of an
all-but ripe Orange, along with the taste of its
juicy, green peel. This fragrance mirrors the
strength of a nascent and vitalising fruit, and is
the ideal perfume for the day because, when in
contact with the skin, it bursts forth with energy.
Eau de Toilette, Unisex Spray 100 ml - 3.4 oz.
Bergamotto - Bergamot
Boccioli di Limone - Lemon Blossom
Verde d'Arancia - Orange Green Peel
Zagara - Zahar
Elegance is unmistakably evident in
the glass bottles (100 ml.), the design
of which expertly highlights the noble
character of the fragrance, at the
same time as being a distinctive
element of the line.
Libro degli Agrumi of Monotheme interprets faithfully the most
famous citrus notes, offering a journey through the
Mediterranean area and its cultural wealth.
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Boccioli di Limone
Eau de Toilette
Travel Size 3
0 ml
Price $16