ITALIAN GOURMET FOODS: Mediterranean Diet | Italian Kitchen Essentials
Directly from Italy !!
Gentile Pasta Factory, founded in 1876, is
one of the historic artisan factories that
brought the city of Gragnano to become
famous throughout the world for its pasta.
Still today, in the era of modern technologies,
Gentile preserves methods of craftsmanship
and attention to every single detail, from the
raw materials selection to the production
phases control.
Biscotti Jars
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Gentile Pasta - Gragnano, Italy
Pennette Rigate Pasta
500 gr. bag
Price: $7.50
Poma Rosa San Marzano Italian Tomato
of Agro Sarnese Nocerino DOP, Italy
Ing.: San Marzano Plum Peeled Tomatoes,
San Marzano Tomato Juice, Salt, Basil Leaf.
Large Size Tin Can 800 gr.
Price: $6.25
Solid Light Tuna in Olive Oil, Italy
Ingredients: Solid light tuna, olive oil, salt
Jar 170 gr. (6 oz.). Tuna with product certificate.
Dolphin-Safe. Based out of Calabria, Callipo
sources the finest yellow-fin tuna filets in olive oil.
Price: $14.99
TERRE DI PUGLIA - Tarallini with Extra
Virgin Olive Oil, Italy (Millerighe)
Typical Italian Salted Snack.
When you bite a classic tarallo you are eating
Puglia. Its flavors, its landscapes, its sun and its
age-old recipes. Simple ingredients can create a
inimitable snack. Its unique taste is given by extra
virgin olive oil. GMO Free, No Yeast.
Bag 8.1 oz. (230 gr)
Price: $3.99
Galeffi Effervescent is a traditional Italian
product that used to be supplied to the Royal
Household in Italy. It is a lemon flavored sodium
bicarbonate powder (in the form of small 'sticks') to
be added to water quenching and refreshing drink.
Due to its restorative properties,
Galeffi is often
taken after meals as a digestive. Just place two
heaping teaspoons in a glass of cold water, stir
and drink while fizzing.
GLASS JAR 8.8 oz. / 250 grams
Price: $8.99
Gentile Pasta - Gragnano, Italy
Linguine Pasta
500 gr. bag
Price: $7.50
VERDOLIO - Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Naturally Cold Pressed
Product of Italy
Verdolio Extra Virgin Olive Oil is cold pressed
from sound, ripe olives, carefully selected from
the famous olives groves of Italy. It is
manufactured and packed under the most
modern hygenic conditions for its quality and
genuinity. Recommended for all cooking and
table use.
Price: $18.95 (Size 500 ml - 17 fl. oz)
Pane Carasau di Sardegna
Sardinian Crispy Bread - "Music Bread"
To Enjoy Pane Carasau: Drizzle extra virgin olive oil
on the pane carasau. Lightly sprinkle some salt on
the bread. Warm bread until it becomes golden
(2-3 min. in the oven) and ENJOY!  Pane Carasau
stores well, up to a year.
Price: $6.50 / box 250 gr. - 8.8 oz.
Baratti & Milano's delicious Extra Dark
Chocolate Bar
88% has been made
particularly thin to enhance the flavour.
Baratti & Milano chocolate is made for
those who appreciate quality and the
delicate flavours of high quality ingredients.


Baratti & Milano 88% Dark Chocolate
75 grams, Made in Italy

Price: $8.95
88% Dark
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Barbera Lorenzo #3 Organic Extra
Virgin Olive Oil
(Sicily, Italy)
USDA Organic
From the best fruit of the olive groves of central
Sicily, a unique olive oil, a product of fidelity to
organic farming and love of tradition. The result
of such scrupulous attention is a precious extra
virgin that is fruity, delicate, with light spicy notes
in the finish.
This superb oil, produced from the
Biancolilla olive, is a DOP oil from the region of
Val di Mazara in central Sicily.
This yellow-gold
oil of medium density has the aroma of green
almonds and is ideal for all raw applications
and seafood.
Bottle 16.9 fl.oz. (500 ml)
Price: $32.00
Panettone Milanese
(Pistachio & Almonds)
Every aromatic bite is firm and crunchy and rich with
pieces of pistachio and almond, and will have you
going back for piece after piece. Enjoy with your
morning cappuccino or pair with Vin Santo at the
end of a meal, the way the Tuscans do. Biscotti by
Antonio Mattei.
250 gr. - 8.8 oz. (Green Bag)
On Special: $8.95 (regular $11.95)
Basil Tomato Pasta Sauce with Extra
Virgin Olive Oil -
Bio/Organic USDA
Ready to use. Made in Italy by Diaeta
Mediterranea. Glass Jar 12.35 oz.
Ingredients.: Tomato, Onions, Carrots, Basil,
Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sea Salt.
Price: $7.25
Tomato Pasta Sauce with Chili Peppers -
Bio/Organic USDA
Ready to use. Made in Italy by Diaeta
Mediterranea. Glass Jar 12.35 oz.
Ingredients.: Tomato, Carrots, Onions,
Celery, Sea Salt, Basil, Chili Pepper, Red
Price: $7.25
DiaetaMediterranea - Organic Extra
Virgin Olive Oil -
100% Italian
DiaetaMediterranea, 100% Italian Extra Virgin
Olive Oil made from the first cold-pressing of the
finest italian olives. This olive is distinguished by
its extremely low acidity, smotth texture, rich olive
flavor and light peppery finish. Perfect drizzled on
salads, grilled meats, vegetables, soups and
seafood. Great on pasta or for dipping bread.
Certified Organic by Bioagricert srl.
USDA Organic.
Price: $21.95 (Size 500 ml - 17 fl. oz)
Olio Verde Extra Virgin Olive Oil by
Gianfranco Becchina (Sicily, Italy)
Olio Verde Extra Virgin Olive Oil—is an
outstanding Sicilian oil made from 100%
Nocellara del Belice olives— the aroma has
floral elements, with citrus, and always grass
and hay. The flavor has been noted as pungent,
grassy, herbaceous, with notes of green tea.
Traditions: Drizzle over grilled tuna, stewed white
beans, roasted peppers and garlic or a salad of
shaved fennel, fresh orange slices and capers.
Bottle 16.9 fl.oz. (500 ml)
Price: $39.00