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Shaving Products for Men
I COLONIALI Soothing AFTER SHAVE Emulsion with Rhubarb
100 ml (3.6 oz.) - No Alcohol
A smoothing formulation with no alcohol, therefore ideal for sensitive
skin, enriched with vitamin E and soothing rhubarb extract.
Thanks to the action of its precious hydrating and anti-redness
ingredients, works to calm shaving-related irritations and restores an
immediate sensation of comfort. Its non-greasy texture is quickly
absorbed, for skin that feels extra-soft to the touch.
Price: $42.00 - ONLY 2 IN STOCK
I Coloniali - The Waterfall Route - Energizing Journey for Men
The energising Waterfall Route is a path that has been specifically designed to meet the
needs of men’s skin. This route is strewn with light and cool textures and enriched with
valuable ingredients and fragrances with assertive notes that wash over the skin with the
energy of a wave. You will be filled with a new sense of energy every day. For Men
I COLONIALI Energizing Hair & Body Shower Gel with Ginseng
250 ml (8.4 oz.)
This extra-fresh hair and body wash is enriched with stimulating
ginseng extract. Cleanses hair and skin effectively, releasing a
reinvigorating fragrance that will capture your senses with the power
of an energising wave regenerating ritual moment. Ginseng is a
perennial plant characterised by its unusual roots. Ginseng, also
known as the ''Root of Life'', holds stimulating and invigorating
Price: $32.00 / 250 ml
I COLONIALI Deodorant Stick Alcohol-Free with Rhubarb
75 gr (2.5 oz.)
A deodorant stick with no alcohol, enriched with soothing rhubarb
extract renowned for its purifying virtues. Let the stick glide softly on
the skin to make it comfortably dry and perfumed, for proven efficacy
over time. Thanks to its special alcohol-free formulation is ideal for
even the most sensitive skin
Price: $32.00 - Sold Out
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