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I Coloniali Hammam - Rituali del Mondo
Hammam Bath Cream with Amber & Orange
500 ml (16.9 oz.) by Atkinsons
It gently cleans transforming your bath into a relaxing
moment, gives you the pleasure of a soft skin,
slightly perfumed and a pleasant revitalizing

Pour the bath cream under hot water jet to obtain a
rich foam.
Price: $49.00 - Only 2 in Stock
I Coloniali Hammam - Rituali del Mondo
Hammam Silky Body Oil with Amber and Orange
250 ml (8.4 oz.) by Atkinsons
It is a rich oil, especially conceived for body
massage. It can nourish and revitalize all body skin
and wrap it with deep and fruity notes of Amber and
Orange. Apply on damp skin preferably. Massage
until completely absorbed.
Price: $64.00 - Only 2 in Stock
I Coloniali Hammam - Rituali del Mondo
Hammam Light Body Essence with Rose and
200 ml (6.7 oz.) by Atkinsons
A precious woman essence for the body, which
combines the uniqueness of Moroccan Rose with
its intense flowery touch with the spicy accents of
Coriander, which envelop the body with an
Hammam seducing fragrance. Spray on body.
Price: $49.00 in aluminum bottle, vapo, no gas
I Coloniali Hammam - Rituali del Mondo
Hammam Light Body Essence with Ginger and
Cedar Wood
200 ml (6.7 oz.) by Atkinsons
Fresh brightness in a body light essence full of
contrasts. The vibrant colour of Ginger dissolves in
the warm and enveloping notes of Cedar Wood to
pervade the body with an unexpected sensuality.
Spray on body
Price: $49.00 in aluminum bottle, vapo, no gas
BEAUTY / Hammam Bath & Body
Ritual products by I Coloniali
formulated with natural and exotic
ingredients from far lands to recreate
at home atmospheres, fragrances
and new emotional sensations, like a
trip without end, a world of wellbeing
with no frontiers. The Hammam
Rituals offer you the pleasure to truly
nourish and pamper your skin,
allowing precious time to relax. All
products come in a porcelain/
glass-like jar or bottle. J&E Atkinsons.
Imported from Italy.
Welcome to
Hammam Rituals by I Coloniali,
I Coloniali Hammam - Rituali del Mondo
Hammam Body Scrub with Ginger & Cedar Wood
200 ml (7.1 oz.) by Atkinsons
Skin remains soft and smooth thanks to the charming
fragrances of Ginger and Cedar Wood. They wrap your
body giving a pleasant feeling of wellbeing. If used before
a nourishing treatment, it enhances this action.

Apply the product on a on damp or dry skin. Apply with
circular concentric gestures gently massaging without
rubbing. Insist on rougher parts. Rinse.
Price: $49.00 - Only 4 in Stock
I Coloniali Ingredients

Plant well known for its
Aromatherapy properties rich
in essential oils and particularly
suitable for a total body use.

Ginger roots extractis used in
spa treatments for its ability
ability to make skin glow and
relax the senses.

Precious Rose! A classic and
intemporal scent!

Amber is used as an ingredient
in perfumes and as a healing
agent in folk medicine.

Cedar Wood
Cedar wood oil extracted
extracted from trees from
different parts of the world, a
classic scent in aromatherapy.

Ginseng, also known as the
“Root of Life” has been used in
the Orient for millenars for its
healthgiving, stimulating and
rejuvenating properties.

Moroccan Rose
The presence of a relevant
percentage of oil exalts the
nourishing and gently cleaning
properties of the Morrocan

Natural fiber, sweet & soft.
Pure original ingredients
Ingredients used in I Coloniali
products have been used for
centuries in Oriental countries
and are reflecting a philosophy
where mind has to be
balanced with the body. They
provide both natural nutrients
and bring peace of mind to
your body.

Gratifying formulations
I Coloniali formulations are
developed around natural
active nutrients found in the
very specific ingredients.
Traditional extraction enables
to maintain most of the natural
benefits of the original product.
Our laboratories then complete
those natural ingredients with
occidental “savoir faire”
leading to unique formulas.

Eco-responsibility, unique
and refined packaging
All the products are developed
respecting the following
principles: harmony with
nature and respect for the
environment. In regards to the
packaging materials,
naturalness is expressed
through the widespread use of
friendly materials leading to
high recyclability and controlled
energy waste.

Very distinctive fragrances
Even though I Coloniali
products are of exceptional
quality, what make them truly
enjoyable and highly receptive
are their unique, delicate and
distinctive fragrances.
I Coloniali products are self-
oriented, they aim at bringing
together the mind and the
body, the scent being an
important part of this process.
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I Coloniali luxurious collection of bath & body products.
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