I Coloniali - The Blossom Route - Nourishing Journey (New Image)
The nourishing Blossom Route invites you to follow a soft and velvety path along which your
skin is delightfully pampered with each step you take, using ingredients like Rice Bran Oil and
Shea Butter, whose softening properties make it ideal for the driest skin. A magical route to
be taken every day.
I COLONIALI Silky Bath & Shower Cream with Shea Butter
250 ml (8.4 oz.)
This pampering bath & shower cream has a silky-soft texture and is
enriched with shea butter, well-known for its deeply nourishing
virtues that make it ideal even for dry skin. Adds a touch of pure
indulgence to your shower or bath time. A real treat that leaves your
skin feeling soft and smooth. Ingredients: The Shea tree originates
from central Africa. African people called it the ''Youth Tree''. Shea
butter comes from the Shea seed and it is well-known for its
nourishing properties able to restore a soft and smooth skin.
Price: $29.00
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I COLONIALI All-Over Nourishing Super Balm with Shea Butter
75 ml (2.5 oz.)
An all-in-use super balm made of 63% shea butter and enriched with
beeswax. Applied on face or body, it works immediately to soothe,
soften, repair and deeply nourish dry skin – including chapped lip and
Price: $28.00 - Only 1 in Stock
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I COLONIALI Silky Fondant Body Cream with
Shea Butter 150 ml (5.0 oz.)
An ultra rich, non greasy formulation with softening shea
butter. Melts pleasantly to the touch, nourishing skin and
restoring comfort immediately. A real treat for dry and dull skin.

Price: $42.00 - Only 3 in Stock