Felce Azzurra "Bianco"
products for Home.
Imported from Italy for you!!

Liquid Detergent
specific for
washing machine. Thanks to
its active formula and original
Felce Azzurra classic
fragrance, the laundry is
clean, soft and fragrant. It is
suitable for any type of fabric
and is effective against all
types of stains.

Dermatologically tested
formula respects the skin of
the hands and ensures clean
linens and fragrant.
ITALIAN BATH & BODY : Felce Azzurra by Paglieri Profumi of Italy
Felce Azzurra by Paglieri, Italy
Perfumed Ironing Water
(Acqua da Stiro)
Felce Azzurra Classic Scent
1 Liter - 33.8 oz
Price: $10.95
Paglieri Felce Azzurra
Bath Foam "Fresh"
Bagno Fresco 500 ml.
Price: $10.95
Paglieri Felce Azzurra
Room Spray Air Freshner
"Aria di Casa"
Talco e Lavanda
Price: $9.95
Felce Azzurra - HOME
Gel Air Freshner for Home
Great for bathrooms/closets
Talco & Lavanda 140 grams
Price: $8.95 - Only 1 in Stock
Paglieri Felce Azzurra
Room Spray Air Freshner
"Aria di Casa"
Talco e Arancio
Price: $9.95
NEW: Felce Azzurra
Liquid Laundry Detergent -
For Whites & Colors
1.595 Liters (29 Washes)
Price: $21.95
For over 130 years Paglieri takes care of the skin.... today it
takes care also of your laundry. Paglieri Felce Azzurra il Bianco
is a laundry, care and perfuming line. It is based on the
traditional - unmistakable Felce Azzurra fragrance. It is delicate
on the skin, all products are dermatologically tested.
Felce Azzurra by Paglieri
Classic Scent Softener
Concentrated for 30 Washes
New ! Long Lasting Perfume !
750 ml - 25.36 oz.
Price: $11.95
Felce Azzurra Bianco by Paglieri
Fabric Softener for Sensitive Skin
Concentrated (30 Washes)
750 ml - 25.36 oz
Price: $11.95
Effective also
in cold water
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Felce Azzurra MON AMOUR
Fabric Softener Blu Mare
Bergamot and Eucalyptus open the
fragrance and blend with a heart of
Cyclamen and Rose followed by a base of
Sandalwood for a feeling of endless
softness. Concentrated.
650 ml - 22 oz (26 Washes)
Price: $13.95