The Perfect Gift for
Wine Lovers !!
The Centellino Areadivino
- Italy's Premier Single Serving Wine Aerator -
The Centellino is a Top-of-the-Bottle wine decanter and
aerator designed to enrich the bouquet and flavor of a single
serving glass of wine.

Centellino decants and aerates your wine
immediately....while serving it.

No need to wait 1 hour or more to enjoy your favorite wine. The
Centellino brings out the flavor and bouquet of your special
wine instantly instead of traditional decanting methods that can
take up to an hour or more.

Centellino is beautifully crafted on hand blown glass in
Italy and are made of high quality, 100% lead free glass.
Centellino comes in a luxurious gift box.
• Handmade in Florence Italy
• Presented in a Gift Box
• 150 ml - 5.04 oz. per serving.
• 125 ml - 4.2 oz. per serving.
• 100 ml - 3.38 oz. per serving.
• 60 ml - 2 oz. per serving.
•  35 ml - 1.2 oz. per serving.
• Fits both cork and screw top

The Centellino is a single serving
wine decanter also known as an

Handmade in Italy the Centellino
has been certified to instantly
decant and release the full flavor
of single serving of red and white
wines without the need decant an
entire bottle.

Simply fit the Centellino on the
bottle top, tilt the bottle to fill the
amphora and serve.

The Centellino comes in a
luxurious Gift Box.