ITALIAN BATH & BODY : Bottega di Lungavita - Armonie Toscane
Armonie Toscane - Italian Bath & Body Line with a scent from Tuscany !!
From the Bottega di Lungavita Collection, a new Italian bath and body line
embracing the region of Tuscany, created for all those that want to pamper their
skins and satisfy their olfactory desires in the Italian Style of Life!! For women.
Made in Italy.
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Speziali Fiorentini
ARMONIE TOSCANE - "Tuscan Harmonies"
Bath & Shower Gel - 250 ml
This Bath and Shower Gel accompanies your awakening
moments with a delicate and caring approach to your
skin. With Wheat Proteins, Oat Extract, Panthenol and
Pomegranate Juice, it cleanses, nourishes and hydrates
your skin right away. Made in Italy.
Price $24.00 - Sold Out
ARMONIE TOSCANE - "Tuscan Harmonies"
Dry Body Oil - 150 ml, Spray
This Dry Body oil is a virtual treasure chest of elements ,
vital for restoring your skin and keeping it hydrated. With
Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil and Sweet Almond Oil, work
together to make your body softer and more elastic, a
precious aid for the most delicate and dehydrated skins.
TOP RATED PRODUCT !! For Men & Women.
Price $40.00 - Sold Out
ARMONIE TOSCANE - "Tuscan Harmonies"
Eau de Toilette - 100 ml, Spray
Notes of talc, wood and musk are wisely blended to
create a persistent yet delicate scent, with a decisive but
never overpowering character...evocative of a candid
and feminine clean feeling. Made in Italy.
Price $48.00 Sold Out
ARMONIE TOSCANE - Tuscan Harmonies
Complete Body Care Set 4-pc
1 Bath & Shower Gel 250 ml
1 Body Butter 150 ml
1 Dry Body Oil 150 ml
1 Eau de Toilette 100 ml
Price $142 (save $10) - Sold Out
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ARMONIE TOSCANE - "Tuscan Harmonies"
Body Butter - 150 ml, Jar
Vitamin A, Sweet Almond Oil, Pomegranate Juice, Oat
Extract, Cocoa Butter and Capuacu Butter a wise
synergy of components that leave your skin softer and
younger looking. The vital element in this blend is Shea
Butter , an extraordinary gift of nature, making this
product a precious gift for your body'skin.
Price $40.00
WHITE TEA (Te' Bianco)
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