ITALIAN BATH & BODY : Monotheme - Fragrances of the Mediterranean !
IL Libro degli Agrumi (The Book of Citruses) is the new fragrance collection
inspired by the citruses in the Mediterranean region. Discover here the world of
citrus essences !
Embrace the sunny fragrances of the Mediterranean,
maybe on your next getaway or cruise trip with your love ones. Made in Venice
by Mavive Spa, one of the most acclaimed perfume houses in Italy.
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"The Book of Citruses"


Boccioli di Limone


Verde d'Arancia


Mandarino (new)

Body Perfumes
Monotheme - Bergamotto Eau de Toilette
- Bergamot! Spray 100 ml
Bergamot grows in the briny breezes along the
Mediterranean coast of Calabria, Italy, and its
oil extract embodies the scent of the luxury, the
sensuality, and the elegance of the feminine. In
the Book of Citruses, the Bergamot is a new
bouquet, a distillate of the sun that is capable
of "igniting" a positive femininity.
Edt spray 100 ml. Made in Italy
Price $48
Monotheme - Boccioli di Limone Eau de
Toilette - Lemon Blossom! Spray 100 ml
A sunny fragrance !! An ancient remedy
recommended since the 11th century in
Arabian medicine literature as "quintessentially
invigorating and refreshing". Lemon Bloom is a
fresh and luminous fragrance, characterised by
the full-bodied delicacy of newly bloomed
flowers. Edt spray 100 ml.
Price $48
Monotheme - Zagara Eau de Toilette -
Zahar Citrus Blossom! Spray 100 ml
Orange blossom fully embodies the delicacy of
whiteness, the bitter orange blossom is the main
ingredient of this highly sophisticated fragrance,
and one that is enormously fascinating in its
immediate delicateness and femininity. Elegant,
ideal to wear in the evening. Edt spray 100 ml.
Price $48
Monotheme - Verde d'Arancia Eau de
Toilette -Orange Green! Spray 100 ml
A bit of fruit and a bit of citrus peel, both of
which express the peculiarity of this essence:
assuring the freshness of the ripening orange
aroma and the fresh pleasure of the squeezed
green peel. Orange Green is a dynamic, day
perfume that when applied releases an aroma
that is reminiscent of fruit vitalised by the
energy of the dawning sun. Edt spray 100 ml.
Price $48 - Only 1 in Stock
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Monotheme - Mandarino Eau de Toilette -
Tangerine! Spray 100 ml
Symbolising luck and well-being, Tangerine
embodies the energy and generative soul of
sunlight. Its juice releases its vitality and
explodes into fruity nuances coupled with fizzy
green chords and exquisite flower notes.
Edt spray 100 ml.
Price $48
Monotheme - Pompelmo Eau de Toilette -
Grapefruit! Spray 100 ml
A native from the sunny Barbados, the
grapefruit is one of the seven wonders of these
islands and it reflects their vitality, energy, and
positive atmosphere. Fresh and sparkling, the
perfume opens with a cascade of effervescent
citrus nuances, which merge with a heart of
refined flowers, and embrace the musky chords
at the base, a blending that is always
extravagant in its nature. Edt spray 100 ml.
Price $48 - Currently Sold Out
Bergamotto - Bergamot
Boccioli di Limone - Lemon Blossom
Verde d'Arancia - Orange Green
Zagara - Zahar
Mandarino - Tangerine
Pompelmo - Grapefruit
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