Mantovani products by
Sodalco of Italy. Imported
from Italy for you!!

Emporio Italiano brings you
one of Italy's most traditional
brand in personal & skin care
products -
ITALIAN BATH & BODY : MANTOVANI Bath & Body Care Products
Mantovani has always been synonymous with "Quality
Neutral Products" for personal care. Formulations,
ingredients, fragrances have been specifically designed
and clinically tested in vitro and in vivo to minimize
allergies risk and to gently cleanse without sacrificing the
pleasure of a pleasant fragrance and a soft foaming.
Made in Italy
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New: Mantovani "Neutral" Shower Gel
Gardenia 250 ml - 8.45 oz, flip-top cap
Doccia Schiuma "Neutro"
New Gardenia fragrance, a classic fragrance
of flowers, freshness and cleaning for a
toning bath. Formula with fluid cream and
Rice Milk, for emollient and nutritious action
Gardenia fragrance. Paraben Free.
Price: $10.95
New: Mantovani Moisturizing Body
Lotion Gardenia
400 ml - 8.45 oz, flip-top cap
Crema Fluida
New Gardenia fragrance and Cherry
Blossom, with a touch of flourish more
cosmetic and elegant. Formula for daily
hydration of normal skin, fresh and light, for
a tonic effect and super smooth.
Price: $12.95
New: Mantovani Deodorant Stick 24h
Classic scent 40 ml oval stick
Deo Stick
With the fresh Classic scent.
No alcohol formula antiperspirant.
Wide oval Stick
Price: $11.95
New: Mantovani Neutral Liquid Soap
Gardenia 300 ml - 10.14 oz pump btl.
Sapone Liquido
New Gardenia fragrance,a classic fragrance
of flowers,fresh notes, cleaning and
invigorating . Formula with fluid cream and
Rice Milk, for emollient and nutritious action.
Hypoallergenic, Paraben Free, Nickel Tested.
Price: $8.95
New: Mantovani Intimate Hygiene
Ultra Delicate pH5 200 ml.
Igiene Intima Dermo-Protective
It contains extracts of Lotus and
Hamamelis, soothing and refreshing is
ideal for everyday use for the whole
family. Soap and Paraben Free,
Hypoallergenic, Dermo-Protective.
Price: $10.95 - Sold Out
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